Friday, April 1, 2011

They're Home!

Yesterday was the big day!
So big that I couldn't sleep the whole night before! So big that my husband took a day off from work!  So big that I put on my favorite t-shirt!  Look out Hello Kitty!
Hello Puppies?!
We drove out to get our new little puppies.  I thought they might be a little yappy and nervous on the car ride home, but I was wrong.  They slept almost the whole way!
Snuggled up in a little cardboard box.

Every now and they would open their eyes and see me, and I'm pretty sure they were thinking,  "Oh my gosh-- Who is this lady staring at me and taking all the pictures?"
"Hey Lady.  Please cut it out with the camera!"
It was such a beautiful Spring day that once we came home, we mostly stayed outside in the backyard. They fell asleep under the hammock.  Clearly, we were all meant for each other!  They love to relax in (or under!) our hammock as much as we do.
He looks like he already trusts us!  :)
We all were totally exhausted at the end of our first day together.  And very, very happy!
One of my happiest days. 


Laurie said...

OMgosh...they are SO beautiful!! Congratulations!!! Happy tears here...

Kerri said...

thanks, laurie. i feel so happy and lucky to have found these two! we're going to have a long and happy life together--