Friday, October 26, 2012

We Love Fall

Ahhhh- Loving the cooler temperatures that this little front brought in! 

The Ricardos were especially frisky on their runs today.  Lucy got to go about an extra 1 1/2 miles, and Ricky got to go a little extra too, and rather than just running beside me, he was really interested in trying the Bunny Hop with me. 

They are now resting peacefully on their big fluffy pillow.  I snapped a few photos of just how sweet they look (and are!)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Squeaky Clean

They really weren't dirty before, but Lucy and Ricky hadn't had a bath in a while, so today was the day.

We used some new super yummy smelling puppy shampoo. 
Lucy and Ricky don't really enjoy bath time, but they don't complain.  They just stand perfectly still in the bathtub while I scrub 'em down.  Then, they run into their crates and lay down, where they stay for about 3 hours until they're more or less dry.  And then voila!  Out come clean, sweet smelling pups!

Not sure why Lucy looks like a little old grumpy lady...
But after she and Ricky exchange a few sniffs and kisses...
They're both back to their proud and sassy selves-- only cleaner! 


These two don't know it quite yet, but in about 5 minutes, it's bath time!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Super Yum

Lucy loves to chew on all chewy stuff I give her.  Ricky Ricardo mainly just stares at her while she chews.  And possibly as a result, I have noticed Lucy's teeth are perfectly white, but Ricky's have a little discoloration already.  And he's only 1 1/2!!

We brush on a weekly basis.  Maybe I need to up it.

But what I think is a way more fun alternative is to find Ricky some stuff he really wants to chew!

So today I spent $60 dollars on chewy things-  A rounded bully (because we had to stop getting bully sticks long ago because they were swallowing them way too quickly- Hoping the circle will last longer than the sticks!), some raw meaty bones, some dried meaty bones, and I got some dental "wipes", just to try teeth cleaning with those too.

I just unleashed the dried bones and they are in heaven.  I told them they have to stay on the towels to chew them so things don't get gross around here.  They're smart pups and know when to follow the rules!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Special Delivery

Somebody got a little something in the mail today...
Can you guess what's inside??
Ahhh, yes!  Happy day!  It's frisbee time....
Now THERE's a big, beautiful smile!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ricky's Go-To Move

Ricky Ricardo looks very comfortable and at ease in this picture because, well... he is.
This is him sitting up and "begging."  I find him doing it ALL the time.  I don't even have to ask anymore. He's discovered that everyone seems really amused when he does this, and often good things follow.  Kisses, treats, or just kudos.

The other day at the pet store the check out lady was just being nice and said, "Well, aren't you cute?" and he looked at her, cocked his head to the side and sat back onto his hind legs begging for more attention.  (And of course, he got it!) Then this morning, he saw his first cat.  First he just stared it down, and as the cat came a little closer towards him, he sat up and begged, assuming the kitty might reward him in some way.  Well, the kitty did not give him a treat, but me and my neighbor both admired his effort and let him know we thought he was super cute.