Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ricky's First Summersault

Lucy and Ricky are super smart.  Already, they've willingly learned lots of tricks I've taught them.   Every now and then, they show me one they thought of that never even occurred to me!  Here's one of Ricky exhibiting one of his latest and greatest, with the help of his lovely assistant, the fabulous Ms. Lucy!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011


The Ricardos have kept me busy this last week, so I had a bit of a delay in editing this little video I took of them right after Lucy got her stitches out.

I know it seems a little crazy that they didn't see each other for 2 whole weeks due to their spaying and neutering surgeries, but our vet advised me to keep them from running hard and jumping.  If you could see how excited they usually are when they're together, you might understand why the separation was necessary.

Also, I tend to keep them separated quite a bit for training purposes anyway.  They both love one on one time with me, and they both (thankfully!) like their crates.  So being apart isn't as terrible as it might be for some dogs that are used to always being together. 

I just wanted Lucy and Ricky to be safe, and I figured keeping them apart while they healed up was the best way to do that.  So I beg of you, please don't report me to the SPCA!

Off Leash!

This morning, Ricky let me know that he was ready to go buy a new leash.
I left him alone with his leash on for all of about 2 minutes, and then round only one bit of it still attached to him.  I guess it's his way of telling me he'd rather just run free!

But, since he still needs work on his recall, and since there is a leash law, he had to borrow Lucy's little pink leash this morning...
It takes a REAL man to wear pink!