Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 Since puppies are only allowed on the patio area at Starbucks, Lucy and I went through the drive thru today because it was just way too hot to sit outside. 

Neither of us realized what a treat she was in for! The guy at the window saw her and asked if she wanted a "Whipped Puppy" or something like that.  I said no, because I just didn't really know what he said and it sounded weird.  But then he said, "Are you sure?  She looks like she'd really like it."  So then I asked him what it was and he told me it was just whipped cream. 

Oh yum.

If I'd had my camera in the car, I would've had to snap fast to get a picture of Lucy eating it out of the lid.  And then, licking it off her paws and anywhere it seemed it might have possibly dropped in the seat.

Anyway, the guy was right.  This was a whipping Lucy loved receiving!

We love Starbucks.
My tea paled in comparison to her whipped cream!

Friday, August 26, 2011

On The Mend

Ricky got his stitches out, his lampshade off, and is as good as new.
The second bit of good news is that Lucy's spaying surgery went off without a hitch and she doesn't have to wear the lampshade at all!  She just has to take it a little easy the next week.  Which means, probably no playtime with Mr. Ricardo.
One sexist thing I encountered at the vet's office:
The vet techs (which are both men) had made several comments about "poor Ricky" seeming sad after his surgery because he was "missing something". (At first, I thought they meant he was missing me  since he had to stay there overnight, but then realized they meant he was missing his testicles!)  Lucy on the other hand?... neither of those same two guys seemed to sympathize with her for having her ovaries and uterus removed.  Lucy's surgery was more invasive than Ricky's, but Ricky got all the sympathy.  Just sayin'...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In and Out

Mr. Ricardo gets his stitches out today, which means he also gets freedom from the lampshade collar and that is going to make him a very happy boy.  Although he's been uncomfortable, he hasn't complained.  Well, not vocally anyway.  He has actually chewed his way out of 2 of those stupid collars!
Still handsome, even in the lampshade!
As soon as Ricky gets the stitches out, Lucy will go in for her spaying.  Unlike Ricky, Lucy is very vocal.  And if she's unhappy, they're going to know about it up there at the vet's office!  I'm pretty sure just spending the night away from home is going turn her upside down.  Hopefully, Lucy won't need to wear the collar after her surgery.  But if she does, I know Ricky will be more than happy to hand it down to his little sis!
"I do not want to wear that collar!"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not a Walk in the Park

Ricky recently turned six months old.  My little boy is growing up fast.  Which is great.  But, it also means that it was time for the operation.  :(  My boy will never be a daddy.  He would've made a great one.  Of that, I am sure.

I felt a little sad as we got into the car the other morning.  I'm pretty sure Ricky thought we were on our way to the park.  Or to pick out a new toy at the pet store.  I'm positive, he had no idea I was taking him to the vet to get him neutered!
"Are we going to the park?"
Back at home, we all missed him that day, and night!  Lucy walked into his room a couple of times and I'm sure she wondered where he went.

The vets office called me soon after surgery to let me know Ricky was doing fine.  But they called about ten minutes later to tell me that although he was doing fine, he was also already trying to bite at the stitches and that he would need to keep the lamp shade collar on to prevent that from happening.

So I picked him up the next morning...
"That was totally not the park!"
But Little Ricky is not one to complain.  Although I know that stupid collar is uncomfortable and hot, he hasn't cried once.  And I realize, for all he knows, that is his new life.  He has no idea that thing will be off by this time next week.

So I give him lots of kisses, scratch his tummy, and tell him how much I love him.  He's just so good natured, that for him, that is enough to keep him happy for now!

Here's some video clips of him today-  Sorry about the bad lighting, but it gets better after the very beginning...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching Up With An Old(er) Friend

Jasper came over to visit the Ricardos last week.

It had been a while since the 3 of them had seen eachother, but like old friends, they didn't seem to skip a beat.  They picked up where they had left off last time!
Ricky is still just in love with Jasper.  Lucy is too, but Ricky is to the point of almost being obnoxious!  But Jasper is so sweet and patient with him.  Because, c'mon!  Everybody likes a little guy who looks up to him!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Landscapist

The heat has been killing plants around here left and right.  With temperatures over 100 for well over a month, what would we expect, really?
Ricky volunteered to ride up to the Home Depot Nursery and help me pick out something with a little color that might be able to tolerate another couple of months of hell-like temperatures.

"I'll help you find something!"

The pickings were pretty slim.  Most plants and flowers looked a little sad and wilty.  But Ricky and I agreed that the Lantana looked pretty good.   We'll see how it does and keep you posted....

Monday, August 8, 2011


A few weeks ago, Lucy went a little nuts barking at a neighbor that came walking toward us.  The lady had very long gray hair and tons of tattoos.  As she approached, Lucy barked with a new voice I had never heard her use before.  It was a deep, growly, I'm-not-so-sure-about-you-Lady! bark.  I felt a little embarrassed and thought maybe Lucy just held a prejudice against old hippies.

But then, she used that same voice to bark at my 80-something-year-old, non-hippie-looking neighbor, Louise.  Louise replied back, "Oh, you just don't like me."  And I felt so bad.  I'm not sure why Lucy barked at Louise.

And then this morning, Lucy barked that way at another neighbor lady.  This lady wasn't 80 years old, or heavily tattooed. This neighbor, Lisa, is a rescue dog lady so she did all the right things... She didn't look at Lucy as she barked, but instead kind of ignored her.  She gradually sat down in the grass near Lucy.  And she gave her some kibble.  Within a few minutes, all the barking had stopped and Lucy was laying on her back getting a belly rub.

But not all people are going to be so patient with Lucy.  And I don't want her to be the kind of dog that barks at people!

I've done so much socializing with both her and Ricky.  For months, we went on daily field trips so that they could be around and experience all types of peoples, animals, noises, etc.  And they've done so well, that I have to admit, this past month I've slacked off.  It's just been so hot that other than our walks in the mornings and evenings, we stay inside at home.

I started thinking about it today though, and decided I need to resume those field trips.

So as soon as Lucy and I returned from our walk, we got in the car and headed to our dog-friendly bookstore, Half Priced Books.

I was a little worried that Lucy might act like a lunatic and bark at the customers if anyone approached her.  But fortunately, I was wrong!  She did a great job...
First, she remembered her door manners!
As we walked around the store, several people told her she was pretty and pet her on the head and she was calm and friendly.  I rewarded with with kibbles and her favorite thing of all, belly rubs!

Lucy even got to go to her favorite section of the bookstore...

I still don't know what these barking incidents she's had are all about...Why she carries on like that to certain people and not others.  But I know we can work it out.  I just have to keep getting her around lots of different people and places, I think.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Forevermore and More

Although I've also posted this song on my site, I wanted to put it up here at PuppyTracks also.  Lucy had her song posted a couple of weeks ago here, to it only fair and balanced that Ricky have his day as well!

Probably my favorite thing about Ricky is the way he looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes of his.  And it's true what the first line of the song says, "Well the way you look at me is just the way I look at you"-  He looks at me like he just thinks I'm the greatest thing around.  And if I'm right about that, well, the feeling is very mutual!

Well the way you look at me is just the way I look at you
No one's ever seen thru me quite the way you do
You know my secrets and I'll keep yours
And I'll love you forever more and more

It was put into your path and you were put in mine
It wasn't a coincidence but it was just the perfect time
Now your in my story and I'm in yours
And I'll be yours forever more and more

Now you walk beside me down the road until our journey's end
They'll be twists and turns and bumps and swerves but both of us can bend
You know the path to my heart and I know yours
And I'll love you forever more and more

Monday, August 1, 2011

Swimming Lessons

I got to take care of my neighbor friend's pool and sweet doggy, Opie, last week.
Our friend, Opie!
The Ricardos helped me, and as their reward, they got to do a little swimming.  Or should I just say floating.  They're both a little timid about swimming just yet, so Fermin and I would hold them up and they would just float around.

I snapped these pictures during one of their many dips in the water.
We may have to get Ricky some swim goggles!