Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In and Out

Mr. Ricardo gets his stitches out today, which means he also gets freedom from the lampshade collar and that is going to make him a very happy boy.  Although he's been uncomfortable, he hasn't complained.  Well, not vocally anyway.  He has actually chewed his way out of 2 of those stupid collars!
Still handsome, even in the lampshade!
As soon as Ricky gets the stitches out, Lucy will go in for her spaying.  Unlike Ricky, Lucy is very vocal.  And if she's unhappy, they're going to know about it up there at the vet's office!  I'm pretty sure just spending the night away from home is going turn her upside down.  Hopefully, Lucy won't need to wear the collar after her surgery.  But if she does, I know Ricky will be more than happy to hand it down to his little sis!
"I do not want to wear that collar!"


Anonymous said...

Oh the dreaded lampshades! Worth it but it's so miserable for everyone :)

Hope Lucy does well and your household returns to "normal" soon!


Kerri said...

thanks, gwynnie!!
so far so good. i called after surgery to check on her and she was at that point not disturbing THE AREA. so fingers crossed that all she'll have to do it rest and heal MINUS the lampshade!

Valerie said...

Hope everything went well and wish Lucy a speedy recovery!