Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Landscapist

The heat has been killing plants around here left and right.  With temperatures over 100 for well over a month, what would we expect, really?
Ricky volunteered to ride up to the Home Depot Nursery and help me pick out something with a little color that might be able to tolerate another couple of months of hell-like temperatures.

"I'll help you find something!"

The pickings were pretty slim.  Most plants and flowers looked a little sad and wilty.  But Ricky and I agreed that the Lantana looked pretty good.   We'll see how it does and keep you posted....

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Gwynnie B said...

Ricky has excellent taste! I used to live in triple digit heat and it does make it hard to have any plants. Hope you get relief soon!!

Sending cool energy your way... =-)