Monday, August 1, 2011

Swimming Lessons

I got to take care of my neighbor friend's pool and sweet doggy, Opie, last week.
Our friend, Opie!
The Ricardos helped me, and as their reward, they got to do a little swimming.  Or should I just say floating.  They're both a little timid about swimming just yet, so Fermin and I would hold them up and they would just float around.

I snapped these pictures during one of their many dips in the water.
We may have to get Ricky some swim goggles!


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Gwynnie B said...

Opie looks just like an Opie!! And the Ricardos are adorable no matter where they are :)

Our Louie loves the water but Lucy thinks it should go away. Especially at bath time. Aren't dogs the best!?!?

Looks like you're having a fun summer!