Friday, August 26, 2011

On The Mend

Ricky got his stitches out, his lampshade off, and is as good as new.
The second bit of good news is that Lucy's spaying surgery went off without a hitch and she doesn't have to wear the lampshade at all!  She just has to take it a little easy the next week.  Which means, probably no playtime with Mr. Ricardo.
One sexist thing I encountered at the vet's office:
The vet techs (which are both men) had made several comments about "poor Ricky" seeming sad after his surgery because he was "missing something". (At first, I thought they meant he was missing me  since he had to stay there overnight, but then realized they meant he was missing his testicles!)  Lucy on the other hand?... neither of those same two guys seemed to sympathize with her for having her ovaries and uterus removed.  Lucy's surgery was more invasive than Ricky's, but Ricky got all the sympathy.  Just sayin'...


Valerie said...

Haha! Men...

I'm glad the Ricardos are having a good recovery!

Gwynnie B said...

So happy to hear both kids are doing well =-) It's always a bit rough for us moms when our kids have surgery. And such a relief to have them home again all safe and sound.

And I just want to scream when men behave like those 2 vet techs did! I'm always amazed at the ignorance regarding female health and the sympathy with male health.

I did another post regarding my "bike seat"! I loved the colors too, but I guess the colors weren't noticed with such a painful chair. LOL!!!