Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 Since puppies are only allowed on the patio area at Starbucks, Lucy and I went through the drive thru today because it was just way too hot to sit outside. 

Neither of us realized what a treat she was in for! The guy at the window saw her and asked if she wanted a "Whipped Puppy" or something like that.  I said no, because I just didn't really know what he said and it sounded weird.  But then he said, "Are you sure?  She looks like she'd really like it."  So then I asked him what it was and he told me it was just whipped cream. 

Oh yum.

If I'd had my camera in the car, I would've had to snap fast to get a picture of Lucy eating it out of the lid.  And then, licking it off her paws and anywhere it seemed it might have possibly dropped in the seat.

Anyway, the guy was right.  This was a whipping Lucy loved receiving!

We love Starbucks.
My tea paled in comparison to her whipped cream!

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