Monday, October 22, 2012

Squeaky Clean

They really weren't dirty before, but Lucy and Ricky hadn't had a bath in a while, so today was the day.

We used some new super yummy smelling puppy shampoo. 
Lucy and Ricky don't really enjoy bath time, but they don't complain.  They just stand perfectly still in the bathtub while I scrub 'em down.  Then, they run into their crates and lay down, where they stay for about 3 hours until they're more or less dry.  And then voila!  Out come clean, sweet smelling pups!

Not sure why Lucy looks like a little old grumpy lady...
But after she and Ricky exchange a few sniffs and kisses...
They're both back to their proud and sassy selves-- only cleaner! 

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