Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Super Yum

Lucy loves to chew on all chewy stuff I give her.  Ricky Ricardo mainly just stares at her while she chews.  And possibly as a result, I have noticed Lucy's teeth are perfectly white, but Ricky's have a little discoloration already.  And he's only 1 1/2!!

We brush on a weekly basis.  Maybe I need to up it.

But what I think is a way more fun alternative is to find Ricky some stuff he really wants to chew!

So today I spent $60 dollars on chewy things-  A rounded bully (because we had to stop getting bully sticks long ago because they were swallowing them way too quickly- Hoping the circle will last longer than the sticks!), some raw meaty bones, some dried meaty bones, and I got some dental "wipes", just to try teeth cleaning with those too.

I just unleashed the dried bones and they are in heaven.  I told them they have to stay on the towels to chew them so things don't get gross around here.  They're smart pups and know when to follow the rules!

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