Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doctor! Doctor! Give Me The News!

Today was another milestone for the Ricardos.  Their first visit to see our vet, Dr. Tolleson.

Last time I was there, was the day we had Zoe and Scout put to sleep.  Such strong and sad emotion that day.  I told Ricky a little about it on the car ride there.  He just looked so calm and confident about the upcoming visit, that he made me feel great about it too!

We went during an "off" time, so we were the only patients in the waiting room.  I was kind of glad, because I don't want Ricky picking up anything from unhealthy doggies while he's still working on getting all of his vaccinations.

I filled out a little paperwork for both he and Lucy, and then they asked us back to the examination room.

It just happened to be the very same room where I last held my sweet girls.  Dr. Tolleson walked in and said, "Well, well, well!! Who do we have here?"  I was so happy to be showing off Ricky, to have such happy news to share this time around, that I immediately hugged our vet and cried while eeking out the words, "I'm so happy again!"

Ricky with his heartworm prevention and ear drops.

Ricky was big and brave and did great for his exam.  He weighed in at 10lbs/14oz.  Dr. Tolleson asked me what his feeding regimen was.  I told him, and then he asked if I was still feeding him the same amount as when I got him 2 weeks ago.  (I was.) He told me as he grows, I need to feed him more.  What was enough food for a 6 lb puppy isn't necessarily enough for an almost 11 lb puppy!  So yay for Ricky!  He gets to eat a big dinner tonight.

His heart thumps like a champ, his boy parts are all there, his teeth look great...he's perfect!  He does have a little bit of an ear allergy or something-- which I knew because he had been itching-- The doc said it was probably from shampoo if he got a bath before I got him.  (Which he did.  And I was told it was with Palmolive.  Palmolive?! )  He got some ear drops, and was sent home with enough to make it all better in the next week.

One of the assistance that works there mistook Ricky for a Bernese Mountain dog.  I understand.  His markings do make him look like he could be that breed.

Next, it was Lucy's turn.  So I dropped Ricky off at home for a nap, and Lucy and I drove off for vet visit #2 of the day.

When I walked in with Lucy, there were a few more people in the waiting room.  All of them oohing and ahhing over my girl.  Then one of the vet assistence said, "So this is the pretty one!"  I guess he meant Lucy is pretty, and Ricky's handsome?!  It was weird.  The receptionist said, "I didn't really even notice him (Ricky), but I can't stop looking at her (Lucy)."  Ok, I agree-- She's beautiful.  But were these same people in a coma when Ricky had been up just 30 minutes earlier?!!

Lucy was also brave.  But not so big.  She weighs a few pounds less than Ricky- Right around 8 1/2 lbs.  But after "the talk", she'll be eating a bigger dinner tonight too.  But she is a female, and 4 days younger-- Most definitely smaller and feels lighter in my arms.

Dr. Tolleson said her heart and eyes and teeth, etc. all look and sound great too.  And her ears are all clear, so no drops for her.  Just the heartworm prevention.
"she's the pretty one"
The puppies are sleeping now.  I think the shot and the fecal exam completely wore them out.

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Valerie said...

I just got caught up on all the activity this week. Looks like they're doing great!! I suspect a fecal exam might wear me out too....