Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Day of School

Today, Fermin and I took the Ricardos to their first day of Puppy Headstart class at Dog City.  My friend Ashley told me Dog City is the place to get Lucy and Ricky off on the right paw to learning to be good citizens.  And since I want my pups to grow up to be as happy and well mannered as her dog, Jasper, I'm following her advice!
The Ricardos were the youngest and smallest puppies in the class.  They were also the smartest and best!  And I am not biased.  I'm just stating the facts!

I took Lucy to one side of the gymnasium, and Fermin took Ricky to the other side.  The instructor, Paula, thought it was best for them to be independent from each other while they're learning.
Lucy is eager to learn!  She stayed focused nearly the whole hour of class!  OMG.  
Even tho Lucy was smaller, she was brave and greeted bigger dogs that approached her.
After class, Lucy and Ricky met back up and congratulated each other on their first successful day of school.
The two stars of the class!  Lucy and Ricky xoxo
Fermin and I were and are extremely proud of our pups!
Ricky!!!--What a champ!
I couldn't be prouder of my girl, Lucy!
Afterwards, we all stopped into Starbucks for refreshments.  It was Lucy and Ricky's first time to Starbucks, and they loved it!!
Loving the smell of a chai tea...
Lucy sipping on a cool sip of water!


Valerie said...

aw...first day of school already! they grow up so fast. :o)

Laurie said...

First day of school - love it! Brings back so many memories - I took Wilbur to puppy class when he was ten weeks old (had to wait to get his first shots). He was also the youngest and smartest in the class. Such fun memories! Can't get enough of Ricky and Lucy!