Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Puppy Gifts

The only kind of babies I've ever had or will have are puppies.  And so I've never had a baby shower.  Or a sip and see.  Or anything like that.
Baby boy and baby girl gifts
But I am just as elated and proud as any new mother.  And my babies are just as deserving of gifts as other babies! Right? Well, right! It ends up they are!
My friends weren't sure what we had named our puppy, so look at how the cards are addressed!!  Mr. and Miss. Little Puppy Arista!  So cute!
It was so sweet that the other day, when my friends came over to see the Ricardos, and they brought gifts for them!
Ricky got a blue squeaky dog.
And so of course, Lucy got a pink squeaky dog.
And they each got their own box of puppy scooby snacks.  Yum!


Laurie said...

Love it! I always make a "baby basket" when friends get puppies...or even adopt older dogs.

Kerri said...

laurie, that is so nice!! i've never thought to do that, but i certainly will now b/c it was oh so meaningful to me!