Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Ricardos

I've posted pictures and even a video of my new little friends on the Puppy Tracks blog, but I haven't yet introduced them by name.

That's because back in the day, we changed and flipped around Zoe and Scout's names during the first few weeks that we had them. As we figured out their personalities, we figured out their names.
It wasn't immediate.

So we thought, this time, we'd just wait and see what names seemed to stick with these two before introducing them by name.

Here are some of the names we've considered:
Daisy and Duke
Harry and Sally
Poncho and Lefty
Sunny and Shiner
Max and Minnie
Fred and Ginger
Winston and Clementine
Barney and Betty
Butch and Sunny
Lucy and Ricky
Bennie and Sunny

I think, and please realize this could change, that Lucy and Ricky seem to be who they are. Lucy, the silly little red head-
Lucille McGillicuddy
And Ricky, her dark headed, handsome counterpart.

Ricky Ricardo
For sure she's a Lucy, but I find myself calling him "Boy". I'm not completely sold on the name Ricky. But I figure, if he ends up owning that name, I will absolutely love it because I will associate it with him.

I used to refer to Zoe and Scout so often as "the girls". As in, "I'm taking the girls for a walk", and "C'mere girls!" I realized that since this time around I have one boy and one girl, using one pronoun to represent them both won't work. But what could work instead is "the Ricardos".

Also, I like that I can call Lucy by her full maiden name, Lucille McGillicuddy and I can call Ricky by his full name-- Ricky Ricardo. There are times when it's nice to stretch out a name for effect. "Lucille McGillicuddy! Get out of those bushes!"

We've had our puppies less than a week, so it might be a bit early to officially deem them The Ricardos. But that looks like where we're headed...
The Ricardos


Valerie said...

I'm smiling from ear to ear. :o)

Laurie said...

Aw...I like Lucy and Ricky, but must admit I'm more partial to Pancho and Lefty (since it is one of my most favorite songs). I am loving your new blog and your new pups, though it is emotional for me...being on the opposite end of the life cycle.

judge david said...

I had thought of Fred and Ginger, and that's even more apropos since the female is Ginger colored, Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Butch and Sunny (I thought that would be the subtle one that hadn't occurred to y'all. Dumb ol' me!), Bonnie and Clyde, and Franklin and Eleanor. You're right, though. The pups will tell you their names. Whatever, they're adorable, and I know they'll be fantastic additions to the familia!

Andy Morris said...

I love it, Lucy & Ricky! Good choice hope it sticks!