Monday, April 18, 2011

Therapy Puppy

Yesterday I took Ricky to see our favorite neighbors.

Alice and Rex have lived across the street from us since we moved into the neighborhood about 10 years ago.  When we moved in, they were right around 80 years old, and up until just a few years ago, Rex still mowed and edged his lawn, and put all of the rest of us to shame!  At the end of last year, Rex moved into an assisted living facility very nearby.

Alice goes there and spends each and every day with Rex.  They are really the two sweetest people I've ever known.  And when it comes to a long and happy marriage, they are our role models.

A few days after I brought the Ricardo's home, Lucy and I saw Alice outside and I introduced them.  She told me Rex loves dogs and would love to meet our puppies, so we made a date for a visit.

Since Fermin was playing golf that day, and I was on my own with this, I decided just to take one puppy.  It was Ricky's turn for a field trip, so he was the lucky one that day.

Rex did love him!  And he loved Rex.

And Alice.

And their daughter, Sara.

Ricky was so calm, and so sweet.  I think he might just grow up to be a great therapy dog for people in hospitals, or assisted living places someday soon. 
After a lot of time in laps and arms, Ricky laid down next to Rex's chair.
The next best thing to hand holding for Rex and Ricky.
Next week, Lucy gets to go visit Rex!  And she can't wait!
My little nature love, Lucy.


pandaparade said...

Oh Kerri, this is awesome. I mean seriously, that kind of socialization is great and Ricky did amazing. Let Lucy do the same thing! I am jealous of Ricky's awesomeness in this field trip!

Laurie said...

Wonderful! You are doing so many great things with your pups - they are going to be bombproof for whatever you want them to do.

Marie a la Mode said...

This seriously warmed my heart. I want to cry. (In a good way!)