Friday, April 8, 2011

Ricky's First Field Trip

I'm making sure I get lots of one on one time with each puppy.  I've been warned, and warned again, that I need to do that if I want them to bond with me, rather than just each other.

So today, Ricky got to take his first car ride, and go on his first field trip.

He was a great little passenger in the car.  He sat or laid down in the front seat the whole time.
I took him to PetSmart to pick out a new toy.  We went during the weekday, so it wasn't very crowded-- which was great.  I wouldn't want him to be overwhelmed.  Most people would stop to pet him, commenting on what a handsome and good boy he is.  I have to admit, a few people ignored him, and I thought there must be something severely wrong with them to not even notice Ricky.

There was one yappy dog that freaked him out a little.  He just sorta ran under my legs and stayed close to me until it was far enough away from us that it's bark wasn't quiet as deafening.  Other than that, it was all good times.

We went to the toy aisle and I pulled down a few choices of toys he could choose from.
He picked a purple octopus.
We came home, and he shared his toy with Lucy.  They both love the toy Ricky picked out!
I had intended to take Lucy to the pet store later that afternoon, but we ran out of time.  Lucy and I have plans for later today!

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Laurie said...

Lucky Ricky! Such a good little boy. Wilbur still loves to go to PetSmart or any pet store and just wander the aisles, shopping with his nose. :-)