Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pimping My Ride!

I have loved my Mini Cooper since the day I got it. But these days, it's even cuter with my sweet little passengers in it.  They have such great manners in the car!  But, I really only take them one at the time when we go on an outing.  They're still a bit hard to handle when they're together.  All they want to do it play-- And I'm not just talking for 10 minute bursts.  It's endless.  I have yet to see them rest when they're near each other.

We'll be taking a road trip soon to visit a friend in San Antonio.  That's right-- something like a 5 hour car trip.  Which may take 8 hours with puppy pit stops.  What a test that will be.  For all four of us! But when we get there, there will be sheep to herd,  and other dogs to play with,  and sweet people to hang out with!  And I have a feeling the ride home will be quiet due to exhaustion. 

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