Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wet Noodles

For weeks, Ricky and Lucy have been coming in for visits when I take my bath at night.  They lay on the bathmat and chew on their bones while I bathe.  Occasionally, they peek their sweet faces over the side of the tub and take a little sip of my bath water.

Please don't report me to the SPCA, but I have to confess, I hadn't yet bathed them.  Until this morning.

I wanted to make sure they had fun experiences with water before throwing them in the tub.  So I got them their little pool, I invited them in the bathroom during my baths, and every now and then, I'd pick them up and put them in the tub as the water was almost drained out of my tub at night.  And I gave them treats whenever they got their paws wet.

There's nothing stinky about Lucy or Ricky.  A few times, they've played in the mud, but somehow, they clean themselves up and look fresh all the time. I figured, "Why bathe them?"

But Fermin kept bugging me and saying I needed to bathe them already.  And Ricky had started hinting around that he was ready...
leaning over the tub earlier this morning- pre bath
So- we took the plunge.  First Ricky~

And then, Miss MacGillicuddy.
Her body reminded me of a Chihuahua's!
So they're smelling just as pretty as they look now.  No one cried.  It all went swimmingly.

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Marie a la Mode said...

Awwww ha ha! Glad it went well! I once tried to bathe my cat. Notice the word I used was "once." She HATED it!