Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dog Park

Today the puppies got to go, for their first time, to the dog park near our house.  It's actually divided into "little dog park" and "big dog park".  Because of their size and all, for now, we started off with the little dog park.

We took them early so it wouldn't be too crowded.
And we took them separately thinking that would be best.

As we expected, Lucy warmed up to both people and dogs relatively quickly.  She was also a bit of a nightmare in the parking lot, pulling on her leash because she was so excited to get inside the park.  Ricky on the other hand was very calm during the walk from the car to the park.  And he was a little more reserved and slower to warm up to the crowd.  He yawned a lot, not out of boredom, but out of feeling a little uneasy.  But both Lucy and Ricky seemed to have fun and made some new friends by the time we left.

Our favorite little playmate was Nugget, pictured below.
It was hard to capture a good photo of Nugget- She moved fast!
Here's a little video of the Ricardo's at the park today.

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