Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our First Walk on the Red Carpet

Ricky was my date earlier this week to an SPCA fundraiser at the Hotel Palomar.
Me and my handsome boy!
Ricky's cousin/my nephew, Deville.  
We arrived a little early, so we sat in the hotel lobby with my brother and his dog, Deville.  Ricky was not so interested in socializing with the other dogs or people, but he liked watching...

Hounded by the paparazzi!
Once it was time to go into the party, we waited our turn to walk the red carpet together.  We got some photos taken by a professional photographer- Had we known, we might have dressed up a little better!

Ricky found one little girl he liked as soon as we got in the door!
Ricky likes 'em young!
But for the most part, Ricky stayed by my side, on the couch, not wanting to even be on the floor, when other new friends came over to say, "Hi!"
Very comfortable on the couch between me and my brother...
Fermin showed up towards the end of the party-- and Ricky was very happy to see another familiar face!
This event seemed to be a great success, and hopefully they raised lots of money for SPCA.  If we're lucky, they'll have one again soon and Lucy will be my date!  Two 4 1/2 month olds together is a little much for outings like this for now...


Andy Morris said...

Hilarious! Love the look on the Bulldogs face. Man as soon as my budget allows I am getting a couple of dogs, you make it look so fun!

Valerie said...

So cute! Ricky is after my own heart. I also like to hang back and take in what's going on around me. :o)

Lis said...

So much puppy love ... makes my heart all oozy happy!

xo Lis

Marie a la Mode said...

Awww, awww, awww! Having just watched 'Marley and Me' this post makes me want to cry! (In a good way.) Such cute pups!