Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road Trip

"All our bags are packed, we're ready to go..."
The pups took their first road trip over this past weekend.  We were a little nervous about our 5 hour car trip to visit friends thinking that the 5 hour trip could turn into a 7 hour trip that could feel like a 20 hour trip with the puppies along.

But we were pleasantly surprised by our little well-mannered pack!  They were pretty much perfect.
At first, they mistook the crate for a wrestling pen.  But Fermin told them to settle down, and they did. 

We just stopped for a quick potty break twice during the drive, and got to where we going in just about 5 hours!  Way to go, Ricardos!
Arriving at our destination, and very eager to meet all the dogs, sheep and people!
More about our fun trip, coming soon!


Andy Morris said...

They're growing so fast! WOW!

Kerri said...

i know!!! i pick them up and hold them every day b/c i know eventually, i probably won't be able to. boo.