Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I try to come up with new ideas for field trips for Ricky and Lucy.

So the other day I thought, "Hey, they've never climbed stairs or seen a big American flag!"  It was Ricky's turn to go somewhere, so we were off to Flag Pole Hill, very near my house.
Unfortunately, I didn't realize the stairs where really spread out, and more like steps...  not good practice for "climbing stairs."  Also, there were little pebbles all over the steps that looked like kibble and I guess Ricky was hungry.
Steps, not stairs.  And pebbles that look a bit too much like kibble. 
So we cut our field trip a bit short.  But Ricky loved getting to see the American flag.  And he learned  the Pledge of Allegiance. 
"...and to the Republic, for which it stands..."

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Lisa said...

Can I just kiss his beautiful face?!?