Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ricky- 14 Weeks

Ricky was born on February 8th.  My world became a much happier place now that he and Lucy are in it.
Snuggling inside the little box they were brought home in.
He's tripled in size since we brought him home 6 weeks ago.  And my love for him has grown exponentially.  Each night, when I put he and Lucy in their crates to go to sleep I thank them for the fun they brought into my life.  And I say, "Today was so fun.  And tomorrow's gonna be another fun day!"  And it's the truth.  I am guaranteed a sweetness to each and every day with them around.
Lucy and Ricky in one of their favorite spots looking at their friend, Jasper.
Today Ricky and Lucy got to celebrate Ricky's 14th week of living a great life with their favorite pal, Jasper.
Ricky is so much bigger than he did back when he first started playing with Jasper!


Marie a la Mode said...

Awww to that first pic! Your pups are way too cute, I can't handle it! Seriously, they are the most adorable little munchkins! Seeing these pics make me want to go home and hug my cat!

jasperandblue said...

cute... so happy the pups are in your life.... by the way.. you should put a link to here on the sidebar on your other blog... make's it easy to keep track....