Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Puppy Class

Fermin and I took the Ricardos to their final puppy class at Dog City this weekend.
Back in the day...little Lucy's first day of puppy class.
I remember the first class we went to-  They were both so timid and stayed right by our sides.  When it was playtime at the end of class, they weren't big enough to get to participate--- the instructor thought they might get trampled and scared, and she was probably right.

Well, things have changed...This weekend, they were both tugging on their leashes to get in the classroom door.  And although I'm glad they're breaking out of their shells, we have to keep working on good manners while on the leash at such a thrilling place!  And at this point, they are big enough to run around and play with all the other puppies.  I love that they check in with us when we call their names.
Ricky spent a lot of time searching for other puppy's dropped treats..and Lucy followed Fermin around a lot.
Yay for Lucy!!  Getting some love from Fermin after playtime!

I'll miss the Saturday morning ritual of puppy class-  We loved going to school, then relaxing at Starbucks afterwards.  And I'll probably miss the car ride the most~ I got to sit in the back seat with the two of them.
Weeks ago, Lucy and Ricky took up very little room in the back seat and easily fit in my lap!
This Saturday:  Before Puppy Class
This Saturday: After Puppy Class!
But the learning and the fun certainly doesn't stop here!  Oh no!  We've got lots of exciting things coming up...

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