Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello! Have a great day!


pandaparade said...

Ohhhh Ricky you sweet little guy! YOU ARE SUCH A HAM!

Gwynnie B said...

I'm in love with the Ricardos! And not just because I have a Lucy too :) These are the sweetest faced little doggies and so so so lucky to have you. What a great story in how you all went home together :)

And that big pillow will be small enough when they get big! They're adorable, Kerri, and I'm so happy for you and Fermin and your growing family.

Yes, Mother's Day can be an odd one for us non-breeders but when you have furry critters who love you dearly and a man who sends cards from them to me, well, I feel like the proudest momma ever!! And I know you are as well with Ricky and Lucy.

I bet you have some new songs in your head with these two??

Gwynnie and Lucy and Louie