Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Brother

One of my puppy's favorite visitors are their friend, Jasper and his doggy Mom, Ashley.

Jasper is a brother from a different mother for Ricky (literally!).  They have the same dad.  Jasper and Lucy share the same mom and dad.  But they aren't littermates, of course.  Jasper is about 10 months older than the Ricardos. 

So Jasper isn't just a friend, but a big brother to Lucy and Ricky!

Ricky seems to idolize Jasper.

And Lucy just loves him

I love him and Ashley, because they were the road that led me to Ricky and Lucy. 

One day back in March, I went running by the dog park and was literally stopped in my tracks by how handsome Jasper is.  I went in the park, met Ashley, asked her lots of questions about Jasper, and then got all the information about his breeder.  The timing was perfect-- Lucy and Ricky were about 6 weeks old, I met them, fell in love with them, and got to bring them home a couple of weeks later.  If I hadn't met Jasper and Ashley that day in the park, Lucy and Ricky would be living with someone else, with different names, separated (more than likely), and Fermin and I would be lonely

But fortunately, we did meet.  And even better, we've all gotten to know each other and we see each other a couple of times a week.  We always get to see Ashley and Jasper on Saturday mornings because Ashley just started working at Dog City Training Center, where the Ricardo's attend their puppy class.  And then we usually get together during the week, too. 

I will forever be grateful to Ashely and Jasper.  Not only did they lead me to my pups, but they're helping me shape my little puppies into great dogs!

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pandaparade said...

Aww Kerri you are such a sweet person. I truly am blessed I met you as well. With such a caring person you are, I happily share with you everything I know piece by pice to make your pups the best they can be! We met for a reason, and we can both see the great benefits gained!