Monday, May 16, 2011

Honking at Sunset Bay

I try to take at least one of the pups each day on a fun little outing.  It was Lucy's turn today-
My girl loves riding in the convertible!
We are fortunate enough to live just a couple of miles away from what I think is Dallas' best spot--- White Rock Lake!  I run there every day, but neither Lucy or Ricky have been yet.Today Lucy and I drove to an area of the lake called "Sunset Bay" that has all sorts of ducks, birds and geese honking around.
Quack!  Squalk! Honk!
Lucy thought all those noises were so funny.
I was so proud of Lucy for not running around like a lunatic like many puppies might have.  She was very entertained by these strange animals, and just sat and watched them.  She also did a great job of walking by my side on a loose leash when we walked to and from our car.  I had plenty of yummy treats to reward her for her great behavior. 

We had so much fun that I just couldn't wait to take Ricky there too.  So after Lucy went home and wanted to take a little nap, me and Ricky got in the car and headed off for Sunset Bay.
My boy is such a polite passenger in the car.
Like Lucy, Ricky loved sitting and watching the honkers.
"Soon I will be bigger than them!"


Valerie said...

Ricky looks so proud in the car photo! And Lucy's just smiling away. SO cute!

Kerri said...

Thank u! I think they are pretty cute!

Lis said...

if they could just stay little 'til their chew bones wear out!

wait a minute ... within all dogs there remains some puppy :) the lesson they teach us!

Marie a la Mode said...

I can't believe they didn't go crazy for the honking geese! What great puppies you have : )