Monday, October 3, 2011

Saturday In The Park

Months ago, when the Ricardos were still pretty little puppies, I had declared that we were giving up on Dog Park.  At least until they got bigger.  One dog in particular picked on Lucy so much, and no one (the dog owner) was getting the dog off of Lucy but me, and I just decided on that day: "No more."

But recently, Ricky has started to think he can drag Lucy around like a rag doll.  He seems very timid when he sees other dogs when we're out on our walks.  Maybe because Lucy is the one dog that he feels comfortable around, he tries to dominate her at home.  Lucy doesn't like it though.  And neither do Fermin and I!

So, Fermin came up with the idea to take them up to dog park this weekend.  We thought getting them around lots of other dogs might be just the thing to help Ricky with this little problem.
The car ride- to the park!
They both did great.  We took them to the "Little Dog Park" as opposed to the "Big Dog Park" right next door.  Just outside the gate to the Little Dog Park, it says "All dogs must be 30 lbs or less. NO EXCEPTIONS." Technically, I think the Ricardos might just be about a pound over the limit, but no one had a scale, and I was pretty sure we wouldn't be challenged.
See? They fit right in with the 30 lbers!
The Ricardos had so much fun!  And made lots of new friends.  Ricky did seem to be a little dependent on Lucy, and if she ever got very far from him, he was would look around until he spotted her, and then run to her. 

Little Ricki and Ricky Ricardo
We even saw a puppy Australian Shepherd that I called Little Ricky.  But I found out she was a girl...  Little Ricki Lee Jones!

After about 45 minutes, we had to get going.  Lucy and Ricky had such a great time, but were exhausted!
The car ride home!
We actually went back the very next day!  We met another Aussie puppy named Dottie, and another Aussie named ZOE!  Zoe is 8 and is great at catching the frisbee... So I got to get some tips on that.  Because I think the Ricardos will be perfect for that sport!  They already love retrieving balls.

The dog park is back on our rotation of fun field trips. 

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Marie a la Mode said...

I'm glad the dog park worked out, now they can make new friends : ) They are way too cute!