Monday, October 10, 2011

Door Manners

"May we come in, please?"
From a very young age, Lucy and Ricky have practiced polite door manners.  They sit before they come in, and even more importantly, they wait until they are invited in.  They come inside this way, and it's also the drill for going outside.  Except when they go outside, they also have a little bell that hangs from the door what they ring.

They are both such little charmers!


Valerie said...

I noticed those good manners in one of your videos--I think the one where the Ricardos were reunited after their surgeries. So polite! They could teach some people I know a thing or two.

Andy Morris said...

It's always nice to see well trained dogs, too many people don't take the time, or simply don't know how.