Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't Talk To Strangers

Even if they're this cute?!

Ricky and I were out for our walk yesterday morning.  Ricky is so great at walking on a loose leash now, that I like to challenge him with distractions.  So I decided walk him by playground of our neighborhood school during recess.

3 kids saw Ricky, and I heard one of them say, "Perrito!!"  Which means something like, "extremely handsome puppy" in Spanish.  They ran towards us, and poked their little fingers through the chain link to give Ricky a pet.  The kids were really polite, didn't do anything to scare him, and he was happy to meet them. Yay Ricky.

But then I heard a lady's voice yelling, "Hector!  Come and see Ms. Schyler."  And I wondered, "Uh oh.  Is Ms. Schyler the principal?  And what in the world has Hector done?"

Well, it turns out, this lady just refers to herself in the third person.  Because as she approached the kids, she said, "Hector, is that gum in your mouth?  No?  Don't lie to Ms. Schyler." 

Then she went on to ask him more questions...

"Hasn't Mr. Schyler told you that you can't play way over here?"

I felt like Ms. Arista really should intervene!  Poor Hector was getting pummeled with all sorts of questions all because a little puppy happened to walk by the playground and caught his eye.  (Also, two other kids eyes, but for some reason, Ms. Schyler wasn't directing her line of questioning at them.)

But, we just kept on walking.  I was afraid we might get in trouble too. 

Long ago, sort of a life time ago, I was a 1st grade teacher.  I know how exhausting certain kids can be.  But walking over to pet a cute dog?  Chewing a piece of gum on the playground?  Is that really such a bad thing?

Apparently, Ms. Schyler things so.
Sorry, Hector!  :~|

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Marie a la Mode said...

I think Ms. Schyler needs to pull that stick out of her a*s! Oops, did I just type that? ; )