Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Cousin Villy

This past weekend, Lucy and Ricky's cousin, Deville came to stay with us while my brother made a quick trip to Austin.
Deville weighs over 150 pounds, so he's at least 4 times the Ricardos size. And maybe because of that, Lucy felt like she had to be extra sassy at first!  She barked and charged at Deville, while he just calmly stood there panting.  He brought a rope toy from his home to play with, but she took it from him, and ran off to the bushes with it.

Ricky stayed in my lap a little more than usual.  But that was certainly okay with me!

But soon enough, they both warmed up to Deville, because, really-- how could you not? 

When Lucy and Ricky got a little rough with each other, Deville played peacemaker, just by walking near them.

Then, they would lay down and take a rest, while he monitored.

When it was time for Deville to go home with my brother, he sat on my porch, refusing to come out to the truck, because he wasn't ready to leave the Ricardos.  They all had so much fun!

But finally, my brother got some treats for Deville and lured him into the truck. As you can see, Deville's tongue is a pretty good indication of how tired he and the pups were after their time together!

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Valerie said...

Aw...Deville has quite the face. I'm glad a good time was had by all!