Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trying To Make it a Blue Christmas

Oops.  An unattended puppy is probably never a good idea.

I was otherwise occupied in my studio, and all the sudden, I heard Ricky chewing on something, which I figured was a hoof.  So I ignored it for a few minutes but then realize, "Hey!  I didn't get any hooves out for the Ricardo's today!"

And then I looked over at Ricky.  A blue marker had been chewed into pieces. 
And if I still had any doubt about who was the culprit of this little crime, there were stains on his paws that gave him away.
I stopped my other project, and sang "Blue Christmas" to him.  It seemed like the best thing to do.


Lisa said...

Oops! Snagged!
Once my dog(s) got into my stash of red glitter polymer clay. The culprit had red glittery teeth and had red glitter poop too. I called poison control and thankfully polymer clay is not poisonous.

Kerri said...

how fancy! ;) that's really funny, lisa. i'm so glad it wasn't toxic.

judge david said...

While to a pooch there's no difference between a brown stick and a blue stick, it's obvious that the poor guy knows Mama disapproves. Isn't it amazing how expressive our pets' faces can be!

Kerri said...

i know david!!! i just LOVED that guilty look of his. he knew what he did was totally wrong...altho probably thought taking photos was a little odd.