Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Holiday Guest

The Ricardo's have been very busy entertaining lately!  Their friend, Jasper, came for a weeklong visit.

It's been interesting to watch them work a few issues out.  When Jasper first got here, Ricky was just so excited he couldn't stop kissing him in the face.  Jasper did not like all that kissing though, and had to rough Ricky up a little to make him understand that was not cool with him.  Ricky seems to finally understand.  Also, there seems to be a few jealousy issues every now and then, because 3 is a tricky number when it comes to relationships!  Someone eventually feels either left out, or ganged up on.

I know Jasper is having fun, but I also know he misses Ashley.  He's used to being a one-woman dog, but this week he's been challenged to share time, space, and treats. But he's also gotten a good bit of one on one time, lots of loving, and tons of fun playtime!

Jasper's been a sweet guest, and the Ricardo's have been pretty fabulous host and hostess! I am so proud of all of them.

Here's a little video montage I made for Ashley of the 3 of them playing together this morning. 

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