Monday, November 28, 2011

Lucy and Ricky are Thankful for Their Turkey

Lucy and Ricky earn lots of treats when they are working on tricks, so I try to give them healthy snacks.  But at the same time, I try to make sure what they eat is yummy and exciting enough that even with distractions around, they stay focused.

So I go about every other week to the pet store and buy them the most "natural" snacks I can find.  But they're processed, packaged food after all.  So they aren't super healthy, and they tend to be a little expensive.

However, one of their favorite snacks is turkey or chicken breast that I get from the deli. 

I get a quarter inch slice, and then I take it home and cube it up into little bit sized pieces.

Since there's not a lot of preservatives in it, compared to the packages dog treats at the pet store, I only buy a little at a time, and go back pretty often for me.  But it's worth it~  This whole bag only cost me about $2 which is a lot less expensive than anything decent I've found at the pet store!

Here's a picture of Lucy patiently waiting, as I cut up her turkey this week.  I'm pretty sure if I accidentally dropped some food on the floor she would've been happy to clean it up for me!

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