Thursday, November 10, 2011


The Ricardo's first canine friend was Jasper.  Although we don't see him all that much, boy! is it exciting when we do.  Lucy and Ricky both just love him so much, and look up to him!  They use have to look up a lot more though.  He seemed like a giant back when they were little puppies.

But over time, they've been gaining on him.

Ricky seems nearly as big as Jasper now.  Lucy's just a such a little girl compared to those boys!
But now, they can actually play together without the fear of anyone getting run over too much.  Today, the biggest problem was how much Ricky was kissing Jasper!  And just hanging all over him!

Lucy was acting like a little worm and kept crawling under Jasper and flipping over on her belly.

It was very hard to get much video of their playtime-- Just too much action!  But it was a couple of hours of exhausting fun!

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Valerie said...

The Ricardos are getting so big! I love the videos of them. They look like so much fun!