Monday, March 28, 2011


I guess it doesn't matter if you're the expectant mother of a baby or puppies, the nesting instinct eventually kicks in. 

I have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.   I've been doing the kind of cleaning in the past week that is so not typical for me.  I've removed furniture from the rooms so that I could really clean our hardwoods.  We could, if we felt so inclined, eat off our our floors right now.  I've dusted every little nook and cranny of our house. I've planted new flowers in the pots.  My husband even got a little nesty and did some power washing on the outside of our house!
So clean we can eat off of it!
Or, if you'd rather eat in the hallway, it's super clean too!

Here's my newly straightened up studio!
Power-washed sidewalks and freshly potted plants!
I used to vacuum nearly every day, just very quickly, because being Siberian Huskies, Zoe and Scout shed ridiculous amounts of hair year around!  Now, whenever I find a little furball they left behind, I feel such a longing for them.  Who would've ever thought I'd miss picking up all that hair?

But now that the house is spic and span, I think we're ready for those new little puppies!  And I'm pretty sure we won't be able to eat of the floors this time next week.

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Laurie said...

Um...could you come to my house next? Oh, never're busy with puppies. LOL!