Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creepy Guy on the Playground

Lately, I've visited my nearby dog park.  A lot.
At first, I went just because I was missing Zoe and Scout so much and I needed a dog fix.  I'd sit on the bench and just watch.  Occasionally a sweet dog would run over to me and give me a little much needed kiss.  Other times, a dog being chased by another would run under my bench as an escape. But mainly, I just sat on my bench and watched...

If I had been on a children's playground, some people might have been suspicious of me.  I came alone.  Without any dogs of my own.  And I just stared at all the dogs playing.  Sometimes I even got my camera out and took a few pictures of some of the ones I thought were especially cute.

Then I started thinking about what kind of dogs we might want next.  

One day, while I was on a run near the park, I saw the most beautiful Australian Shepherd.  I had already started really honing in on that breed after several weeks of visiting the park.  On that lucky day,  I went inside the park and found that dog's owner.  She told me all about her 11 month old dog, Jasper, while he sat at her feet.  She also told me a lot about how she raised him, which explains why he's growing up to be such a great dog. 
The very handsome Jasper.
I got the name of the breeder Jasper came from--  a breeder that doesn't have a website.  So if I hadn't have met Jasper, and his sweet owner, Ashley, I wouldn't have met my puppies.

All of my days of creeping paid off!


Lis said...

What a handsome fellow! It is amazing how the right people - and dogs! - come into our lives often in the most complex but seemingly natural ways! When I was researching our next dog I had my heart set on this one springer named Beau. My daughter & I drove 4 hours to meet him and immediately I realized we were not the right family for him. He was in a foster home with 5 other dogs and it was crazy! I was a nervous wreck! But this one dog, a recent addition, was so calm and mellow and after we left (and drove home in a crazy April snowstorm ... are you getting the picture my nerves were shattered?) this mellow guy kept popping into my head - but that would mean another 8 hour day to return to get him.

I called about him and found out they were transferring him to another rescue group in our home town! So I had to fill out that group's application. I realized they probably wouldn't approve me (!) as we couldn't do physical fence, but an invisible fence. After I sent the application in, fairly certain it was a waste of time, I checked the humane society's site and guess who was there? My mellow fellow Moose! Somehow the other group dumped him off (much to the anger of the springer people when I told them what had happened) but a day later, he was ours! It will be two years this April 15th. And mr. mellow? well, still mellow unless the UPS truck is on the road and do NOT leave leather shoes lying around ...

I am so glad you are sharing your journey here. It is so much fun to see and read! xo Lis

Kerri said...

Oh, Lis- Sounds like he was just meant to be with you. I love how that story worked out so beautifully!

Thank you so much for visiting the blog--