Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Dog's Purpose

Not only have a been reading informational books about dogs, and perusing the internet for shelters and breeders, but I've even been reading some memoirs and fiction books about dogs.  

A while back, I read and loved the book, The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.  Sometimes, when I'm looking for a new book to read, I'll go to Amazon and put in the title of a book I already know and love, and I'll take the suggestions they give where it says,  "Customers who bought this item also bought..."  That's how I found A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron.
Like The Art of Racing in the Rain, A Dog's Purpose uses a dog as the narrator.  Actually, one dog soul, in several dog bodies.  This dog is reincarnated about 5 times during the course of the story.  And during his second life that we read about, he lives his happiest life with a sweet boy.  The dog's lives following that one are really all about him finding his way back to the boy.  And not to spoil anything here, but well, eventually he does. 
It's a beautiful book that I can almost guarantee if you're a dog lover,  you're going to thank me for recommendeding it to you.  Have your Kleenex handy tho, because there are some moments in the book that you're going to need them!

I especially loved reading this book right now.  Reincarnation seems to make sense to me, and of course, I love the idea of it.  I like to think my girls will find their way back to me someday.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.  Who knows, maybe they've stepped into some new little puppy bodies already and they're just waiting for me to find them!


Valerie said...

I loved, loved, LOVED The Art of Racing in the Rain, so I will definitely check this out. Thanks for the recommendation. (Also, that's a great idea for finding books to read.)

Kerri said...

oh, i'm offering a money back guarantee that you'll like it, valerie! ;)