Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lucy's Mom

I love Half Priced books.  For about a gajillion reasons.

I'm so lucky that a huge one is less than a mile from my house!  We go there a lot.  Partly because it's dog friendly. However, the cafe is not, since there is food in there.

So yesterday when Lucy and I were up browsing around at all the books, I popped my head in the cafe and asked them to save a Napoleon for me and that I'd pick it up later.  The girl said, "Oh, what a cute dog!  What's her name?"

After Lucy and I finished up in the bookstore, I stopped back in the cafe.   The girl had the Napoleon waiting in a box for me.
That is now officially my proudest title--- Lucy's (and Ricky's!) Mom.
I was not the only one that thought the dessert looked absolutely yummy! 

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