Saturday, May 5, 2012

Little Treats

When I'm training with Lucy and Ricky, I give them treats along with hugs and kisses.  If I expect them to work, I gotta pay them, right?  Right!! 
My two are always eager to learn....
and snack!!!
They're really happy with whatever I give them, happy words of encouragement, kisses, but I do think they love food the most.  And since I want to keep them slim and trim, I give them healthy-ish stuff.  Sometimes cut up lean meat, or sometimes good snacks I buy at pet stores.  But one thing about those packaged treats:  They are WAY too big.  They are super-size treats.  And if I used that size, my dogs would turn into pigs very quickly. 

So I cut down the treats into much smaller pieces.  Although it's time-consuming and at times bit annoying, other times it feels meditative.  I just stand over the counter and cut, cut, cut- making a little go a long way!
One piece becomes 8...

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