Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

The little lady turned 1 yesterday!

She and Ricky have been eating birthday cookies all week from when he and I made the run to the pet store for his big day last week.  Lucy wants to keep her bikini body so we decided not to get any more cookies.

Instead, we went to one of her favorite spots- a park with a big field and some nice trails.  Fermin went with us, and we took her frisbee so she could catch some really long tosses!  She, of course, did excellent and it was worth enduring the cold-

When we got back home, she got a brand new hoof to chew on.  Of course, Ricky did too.  And then it was hours of relaxation while we all watched the Grammy's.

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Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!! So, who was her favorite act on the Grammys? I'm guessing Adele? :o)