Thursday, February 9, 2012


Yesterday was Ricky Ricardo's 1st birthday. making me wait!

I wanted to make his day special.  We take walks every single day, and although I thought we'd take some extra fun walk somewhere for his birthday, well... it was a little cold, and neither he nor I really could get ourselves excited to get out in it.  So we just said, "Screw it!  Let's just go get some cookies and lay around all day instead!"

So that's pretty much what we did.
We didn't get lucky with cookies, but we did get a great toy!
First, we went to Lucky Dog Barkery.  I had just shoved a $20 in my pocket thinking that would be plenty for a few cookies and maybe a little toy.  But just the cookies there were right around $10 a piece.  Something that can be gobbled up in less than 10 seconds should not cost $10, should it?  That's a dollar a second!  (I'm super smart at math!) Since I knew they had equally fancy, although less expensive cookies at Pet Supplies Plus, I told Ricky I'd take him there for the cookies instead.

We did, however, find a cool toy that's also a pretty tricky food dispenser.

Here's a little video of Ricky getting to experience the new toy:

Since it cost right around $20, we had to swing by the house to get more cash for cookie shopping.
B-day cookies!

The fancy cookies at Pet Supplies Plus were only $1.35 which sounded like such a steal after our comparison shopping.  So Ricky got to pick out two cookies for himself and he even picked one out for little Lucy!  (I'm sure she'll return the favor on her birthday, which is in just a few days!)

It was a great day-  For a great boy!  I had know idea this time last year that he was being born!  In fact, I didn't even know I'd be in the market for new puppies only a couple of months later.  But life works out how it's suppose to work out, and sometimes the surprises are just so sweet.
Two very sweet surprises that came to me after a sad winter.


Valerie said...

Aww...happy birthday Ricky! (I have to say...I'm dying to know how the food comes out on that toy.) :o)

Kerri said...

well, you gotta tug on that rope- they're use to a ball that they just roll around with their nose and it comes out. so we're on a bit of a learning curve. but they'll figure it out!

thanks, valerie!