Thursday, January 12, 2012


Here's a picture of Lucy when we were on a way to the park one day.  She had just gotten her swanky new leash (See it? Pink, red and white braid?) in the mail from Yipeeee dog leashes.  She also got a super cute Hello Kitty bandana from our friend, Ashley.  Ricky has since taken a few bites out of the HK bandana, but it's even cuter now that he's customized it for her.  Ashley found it on Etsy, so now I'd like to try to make some for the Ricardo's and her dog, Jasper.  Maybe someday I'll get to that. 

Although Ricky secretly wished he also had a HK bandana, I guess it was just a little too girly for him.  However, he did get his own leash similar to Lucy's.  At Yipeeee, you get to choose which colors you want-  The colors of Ricky's leash match him perfectly, don't you think?
A couple of other great thing about these leashes~  They're washable!  So the white stays white!  And they're very comfortable to hold onto.  And you can play play tug with them!  And they aren't expensive at all!  Lastly, the good people at Yipeeee are SO nice and customer service oriented!  I love dealing with small companies that treat you like you're special... Because the Ricardo's are very special to me!


Andy Morris said...

They are both growing up nicely, it has been fun to watch them.

Kerri said...

thank you so much for following in their journey! ;)