Tuesday, January 24, 2012

(Brief) Toy Joy

I brought the Ricardo's a couple of new toys home from the store today.

I was so excited about his one!  It was long enough that I thought they could share it, playing tug of war, or whatever.  Also, it hold water bottles in it and makes a great crunchy noise.  And it's PINK, of course!

They seemed to just LOVE it at first.  They each got to check it out on their own, and then I let them play with it together.  Here they are, trying to share it...

And altho it seemed like it was working out okay between the Ricky and Lucy, it wasn't working out okay for the flamingo!  He lost his head (literally!) in about 5 minutes.  So, I'm returning this toy to TJMaxx tomorrow, and hoping they'll let me pick out something a little more durable. Finding durable tug toys for them to play with without my constant supervision is a huge challenge.  I think I need to go into the dog-toy-making-business!

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