Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Don't Need to Be a Star

As you may have heard, my brother and his dog, Deville, have become superstars lately.  They both appeared on ABC's show, Shark Tank, a couple of months ago.  Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran invested half a million dollars in his cruiser bike company, named Villy Customs.  So his dog, Deville, also known as Villy, has become quite the celebrity.

Today, Ricky and I got to go to my brother's shop, while the Shark Tank crew filmed a little follow up segment, which will air during the fall season.

Ricky was a great sport while all the work was being done.  He just kept quiet and stayed out of the way.
He said "Hi" to the new Diva in town, but it took awhile before he got any love from Deville...
Um, hello?  Deville, have you forgotten the little people?
Ricky was a little starstruck as Cousin Villy finally came near.
Of course my brother's bikes looked great in the shop!  They look great anywhere and everywhere!
But, to me, the most beautiful thing in the room was my Ricky Ricardo~

Me and my boy.
As we were driving home, thinking about the day and what a great boy Ricky was, a silly song I remember from my childhood came to mind... It's the perfect sentiment for Ricky Ricardo-
"You Don't Have To Be a Star, Baby (To Be in My Show)"

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