Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mamma's Boy

Fermin's nickname for Ricky every now and then is Momma's Boy.  It may be meant to sound insulting to both Ricky and me, but I just think it's sweet!
Ricky's my first boy dog to ever have.  I have to admit, before I got him, I was a little concerned that a boy might lift his leg and pee all over things.  And I didn't know if boy dogs were as sweet as girls. 

The other day, a lady told me, "Girl dogs love you, but boy dogs are in love with you."

Well, that totally fits Ricky Ricardo.  Each morning, when we first see each other, I am greeted with such excitement and the sweetest kisses.  He sometimes gets so excited he makes little noises, and then just bites my arm.  (But he doesn't bite down!  He's very gentle!) 

Lucy, on the other hand, is equally excited to greet the day, but it's more about the day, what's in store, etc. than me- I think. 

Lucy loves me, but Ricky just might be in love with me!

He follows me everywhere.  He sneaks in my closet while I'm getting dressed.  He lays beside the bathtub each night while I bath.  He gets in my lap any chance he gets. 

He's my boy alright!
(Oh, oops.  Blogger has now started charging for storage space for photos, and just as I was adding my cute picture of the Momma's Boy it told me I needed to buy more space.  So I did.  But it may take up to 24 hours.  Hopefully I will remember I need to post this picture tomorrow.  Ricky is so cute, it's worth it!)

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